Birmingham Cost of Braces

The cost of braces can vary significantly depending on your location. The average cost of braces in Birmingham is $3,200 to $7,160 (Note that adult braces cost more than children braces). For pricing specific to your case, you should obtain several quotes from dentists and orthodontists.

Orthodontists in Birmingham

St Pauls Dental Practice
50/54, St. Pauls Square, Birmingham , B3 1QS

Sherwood Dental Practice
633, Shirley Rd, Birmingham , B28 9JU

Edgbaston Dental Centre
127, Pershore Rd, Birmingham , B5 7NX

D O’Sullivan BDS (Wales)
1381, Stratford Rd, Birmingham , B28 9HS

Dr Andrew F Murphy & Associates
181, West Heath Road, Birmingham , B31 3HD

Fox & Goose Dental Centre
5, Stechford Lane, Birmingham , B8 2AW

Kings Heath Dental
31, Livingstone Rd, Birmingham , B14 6DJ

Bournville Village Dental Practice Ltd
1, Maple Rd, Birmingham , B30 2AE

Sohal Dental Practice
271, Soho Road, Birmingham , B21 9SA

Handsworth Dental Care
119, Holyhead Rd, Birmingham , B21 0HH