A relatively new product on the market, Invisalign is a plastic plate type of brace which is placed over your teeth (like a mouthguard, but not as bulky). The plastic is moulded in order to reposition your teeth and needs to be remoulded biweekly. Invisalign does not look unsightly and does not impair your speech. The plastic is clear, making it scarcely noticeable unless up close. The plastic trays need to be removed prior to eating, which can be frustrating for some. A benefit of having your teeth fully covered by plastic is that there’s no multi colored results and discoloration is hindered as well. The plastic trays attract an additional $500 to $1,000 on top of the cost of traditional metal braces. Many adults consider the cost of braces vs Invisalign a worthwhile investment, especially if they’re in a professional working environment.

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