Ongoing Treatments & Adjustments

Once you decide to proceed with treatment to have your teeth straightened, you will have the whole treatment process to pay for. This involves the initial gluing of the braces to your teeth, regular adjustments and periodic progress x-rays. The adjustments are a very simple short procedure, only requiring a few minutes each.

Depending on the clinic, you may be able to pay as your treatment progresses, with an initial down payment. Many patients find it more convenient to calculate and pay the cost of braces per month. Other clinics require the full cost upfront which means you may need some form of financing such as medical credit cards or third party loans in order to pay for the braces costs. The cost of treatment is the most expensive part of braces pricing and largely depends on the length and frequency of visits required. This aspect can add up to anywhere between $3,000 and $9,000.

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