Standard Metal Braces

These are your traditional original types of braces.

Although not very appealing, metal braces are the most functional as they provide optimum teeth straightening in the least amount of time.

The average case takes approximately 1 year and four months to attain straight teeth with the traditional metal brackets.

You will need to revisit the orthodontist every two weeks for adjustments.

Unfortunately, there are downfalls as well which you need to consider when thinking about the total braces and dental costs.

Metal braces often leave your teeth discolored, which requires additional teeth cleaning costs.

Additionally, there have been reports of standard brackets actually weakening your teeth, which may attract additional dental expenses in the long term.

Whilst the cost of metal braces seems to be the most viable cheapest option, they may not turn out to be the most cost effective in the long run.

If you’re looking for cheaper braces alternatives, you may consider the cost of braces overseas.

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