Winnipeg Cost of Braces

The cost of braces can vary significantly depending on your location. The average cost of braces in Winnipeg is $4,426 to $8,450 (Note that adult braces cost more than children braces). For pricing specific to your case, you should obtain several quotes from dentists and orthodontists.

Orthodontists in Winnipeg

McFarlane R Bruce Dr
Suite 2-1190 Taylor Ave, Winnipeg, MB, R3M3Z4

Kildonan & Selkirk Orthodontics
Suite 3-1565 Regent Ave W, Transcona, MB, R2C3B3

Nickolaychuk B Dr
Suite 3-1565 RegentW, Transcona, MB, R2C3B3

Lukas Susan Dr Orthodontist
1717 Main St, West Kildonan, MB, R2V1Z4

Linden Ridge Orthodontics
Suite B-1719 Kenaston Blvd, Tuxedo, MB, R3Y1V5

Dumore Tim Dr
2541 Portage Ave, St James, MB, R3J0P1

Levine Gary Dr.
Suite 200-1549 St Mary’s Rd, St Vital, MB, R2M5G9

Kildonan & Selkirk Orthodontics
Suite 1-295 Main St, MB

Moir Roger W Dr
721 MedicalArtsBldg, MB

Selkirk Orthodontics
Suite 1-295 Main St, MB, R1A1S7